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H&R Trans Am - Fun or a Mistake?

Last updated on 7 years ago
I never thought suggesting this series would cause name calling and general unpleasantness. Everyone seemed to enjoy the big cars with the exception of Jimmy(sorry Jimmy I know you like Hot Rods and I respect that and have built several). When you all started to have fun racing against my IROC Camaro I started thinking about a series. However my car came from a 30 year old out of production kit. Since we had just finished a successful 1/32 Modern Pony Car Series I thought that type of body would work for the H&R cars. I researched what was available and found numerous choices from Revell and AMT in the preferred 1/25 scale. Some could be bought for as little as $9. I gave the board a written proposal at Steve's Vintage Le Mans race. I then posted the idea on the club Facebook page. My final suggested proposal was posted in June on the club's website. Since joining the club in January of 2013 I had never seen any written rules for the H&R cars. So I did my best to write a set. I listened to every suggestion. Having an alternate 21.5K motor option seemed to be a popular request and I added it. Then the fun started at the first race...

Denny showed up with a Camaro with cut down front tires that would make a low rider happy. He had also spaced the front track out to the max width I had speced for the rear of 3 1/4". Well I hadn't speced the front track or tire diameter. I apologize Denny and will bring you a extra set of fronts to replace the ones you cut down. Norm then you showed me your car and the front tires were inside the body so I said they were legal. I did not put it on a tech block to see if the front tires touched. My mistake was that when I raced in the 60s all four tires had to touch the block with a minimum of 1/16" clearance between the car and the track. So I updated the rules to keep the front tires inside the body and touch the track. Ken I'm not sure how not to be vague about diameters but low rider tires are not in the spirit of the rules. Rich I understand tire wear is a problem but no one will cut down their rears to that extreme because the chassis will rub. I did my best to write a rule to fix this misunderstanding.

Steve on your resin body. You said you have had it for a year now. Meaning you bought it way before I came up with this series idea. Clearly you bought as a bomber body. Sorry you bought a new chassis for this series. I too bought a new chassis for the series. I remember you showing it to me at your Vintage Le Mans race but thought it was a bomber not a Trans Am car. My misunderstanding or I would have added resin bodies to the rules. So if you want to race a bomber in the Trans Am it is fine by me. By the way Steve I do have a track that I saved for the club - Meadowdale.

Finally if any one of you would like to take over as race series steward it is fine by me. I will no longer tech cars. If you have a problem with a competitor's car you can call for a tech and the hosting track owner can decide on legality. Racing with you guys is one of the few things I look forward to do since my wife's condition has worsened. I can no longer go away on three day race weekends at Road America as leaving her alone for more than six hours is not an option.
The Saw
Thanks BL.
Sofa King
no MIRPA HAS A TRACK, you have access
Thanks for the correction Jimmy, yes MIRPA has a track. I have only been a member and past board member of MIRPA since 2011.
The Saw
And if it wasn't for BL it never would have happened.
Thanks Larry for addressing my concerns,I will adjust or buy new tires,before anyone has another comment -I believe the rules have been changed to exactly what Larry would like. I agree that the rules have been up for a long time and now have been changed so there should be no gray areas.The fact remains now to read the rules -correct what is needed and race or don't.you don't tell nascar what you want to do -you accept if you want to race.you can always stay home and play by yourself:DI also agree there should be no lambasting of a person who runs a series-mistakes or not.they can be sensibly talked out and corrected-this is how you learn to run a series.I will be honest with you and say I can see how no-one wants to run a series-myself included-all the bullshit-the calling out is unnessisary-I would rather shoot myself than go thru that. So I think we should cut anyone slack who even attemps a series and race and have fun and don't sweat the small stuff
The Saw
Thank you Mr. Norm.
Norm thank you for your friendship. The only series I will consider helping in the future is the Gurney Cup and that is because of my friendship with Dan Gurney. Otherwise I'm just a driver.
who said we were friends:D
The Saw
I always thought you were a friend of ours!:oB)
How many times have I told you not to think -you might hurt yourself:DB)
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