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Club Class definitions

Last updated on 7 years ago
Chassis Rock: Giving the chassis the ability to rock or pivot on the body posts and screws. You may remove small(undetectable) amounts of body and chassis and open screw holes, so the body does not rub and limit chassis movement. If you have a car that you believe needs more work than listed here please ask the special events co-coordinator before proceeding.

Tire Truing: To make the tires and/or wheels of the car round by sanding or turning them down.

Tire Coating: To coat the front tires with glue or nail polish etc.

Tires should remain under the body when viewed from above. There are some cases when the rear axle is slightly wider from the factory, that is fine, we all know what they are. The new rounded sidewall PPR Supertires will also usually stick out a bit, that is fine as well.

Some classes will allow motor changes, as cars from many manufacturers will be legal in some classes. If a motor change is allowed, please keep them under 25,000rpm.

Box Stock – (these rules apply to all classes of car unless otherwise specified) All classes allow you to: use silicone rear tires, true front and rear wheels and tires, add lead, remove front axle slop(up and down and side to side without modifying the chassis), remove rear axle slop (side to side), change braid and lead wire, coat the front tires, glue in the motor, glue in the bushings, create chassis rock, you may tape or glue the motor pod to fix or limit travel.

Stock: See “Box Stock”, plus you may also, use low profile front tires, change body screws, install solid front axle.

Ninco Classic: Any car listed by Ninco as a “CLASSIC”. See stock rules. Exceptions: Car must use an NC-1 or NC-8 motor. You can run the stock gears, or you may keep the stock 9 tooth pinion and replace the rear axle with a stock Ninco 24 tooth axle, or keep the stock 27 tooth axle and use a 10 tooth pinion. You may not change both gears and run a 10/24 ratio. Narrow classic wheels only (older wide Cobra wheels are not legal).

NC-1 Classic: Any classic sports car (2 seat coupe based on a production vehicle, ie. it should look like it could be a street car) plastic or resin body, chassis may be store bought or scratch built. Chassis should be full, no cut outs. Inline or sidewinder only, no angle winders. Any gear ratio can be used, provided you use commercially available home track gears. Any wheel can be used, any tire may be used, must us an NC-1 or an NC-8, car can be slammed, must have an interior (lean or scratch built is fine), must have the front and rear wind screen where applicable. You may: Add lead, Use silicone tires. Create chassis rock.

NC-1 Open: Any 1/32 plastic body and chassis may be used, Must use an NC-1 or NC-8 motor. Any gears, any wheels and tires. You may lighten the chassis as much as you choose. The body must remain intact, you must run an interior, driver and steering wheel minumum, lexan is fine.

Early Le Mans: Any pre 1980 prototype style car that was used in any of the early prototype endurance racing. See stock definition. Motor change allowed.

Late Le Mans: Any post 1980 prototype style car that was used in any endurance racing. See stock definition. Motor change allowed.

Rally Cars: Any car used in WRC (off road) rally racing, in most cases there is a driver and co- pilot/navigator, two and four wheel drive cars are legal. You may run silicones on front and rear axles, or you may convert a 4 wheel drive car to 2 wheel drive, you may also install silicones on all four wheels. If your car came with suspension you can lock it, but it must remain at the stock ride height. See stock definition.

JGTC Cars: Japanese Grand Touring Cars. See box stock definition.

Group 5: Use stock definition with the allowed changes listed below.
All cars would race under our stock rules and light weight Racer versions will not be allowed.
Motor change allowed.

Fly classic: Any car sold as “Fly Classic” Also Chevron and Porsche 917-10, See stock rules.

Vintage NASCAR: These would include Carrera and Monogram stock cars . See box stock definition.

Late NASCAR: Post 1980 stock cars; these would include Carrera, Scalextric, Scx, See box stock definition. No Pro cars.

Vintage F1: Any pre 1960 era cars from Scalextric or Cartrix, NC-1 or BWA FF Type motors, must use narrow plastic wheels that use Indy grip 2002 or PPR 1301 or equal tires.
Scalextric cars: can be widened up 2 3/8ths inches, any gear ratio, motors
be relocated to an inline configuration, lexan drivers are allowed .

Cartrix cars: you must use the stock rear end you can use a 8, 9, 10,
tooth pinion, must weigh 60 or more grams. See stock definition.

Trans Am: Any car that was raced in the Trans Am series. See box stock definition.

DTM: See stock definition. Motor change allowed.

HRS:1/24 scale with standard model bodies. Tires should remain under the body. Cars will run a Slot-it Boxer II motor with the stock gearing. You can use any kind of body you want, drag car, street car, race car, etc.

Womp: Solid chassis Womp cars from Parma or Champion. Cars will run a Ninco NC5 motor and 9/31 gearing. Any body.

Hot Rod: Must be pre-1990 American 1/32nd scale production car. Plastic or resin bodies, no numbers please. May be roadster, hardtop, and/or open wheel. Any non-magnet plastic chassis may be used, store bought or scratch built. Car must have an interior, driver and steering wheel minimum, lexan is ok. If the production car had a windshield and back glass, so should yours. Vehicle is to be powered by NC-1, NC-8, BWA, Jack Rabbit or M/T-1. Any gears, axle and wheels. Front and rear axle width must not exceed 2.375" or 2 3/8ths. Front and rear wheels and tires may be trued to your liking, and you may use any 1/32nd scale production tire, no foam. Wheel inserts are preferred. Car must weigh at least 85 grams
This is simply an updated version of the old rules that the board asked me to review. The board members were all sent a copy back in October, I only received one response. I told Jimmy I'd post them weeks ago and it seemed Big Lar had some questions as well, so it seemed like the perfect time to post them. These are not my rules, they are the clubs rules and are subject to review by the board at anyone's request.
Hot Rod rules have been updated.
The Saw
I'm testing an MT 1 too see if it's a suitable sub for the classics.
What motor for the new Carrera DTM?
Larry Kelley
Must have been discussed at the last race. What new Carrera DTM?
Ramcat -The same as the last 3 years-read the rules
? "please keep them under 25,000 rpm." ....? H & R Hawk should be OK?
Larry Kelley
The Saw
No, Larry, the actual DTM shootouts event rules that these rules don't take into account
HAVE NOT seen them in print yet - only 'stock rules.
Larry Kelley
Larry, go back to the home page, it's the third post down, 2015 DTM shootout rules. Same rules as last year, which are also still available in the discussion forum.
Larry h&r Hawk would be ok -1800 rpm rating -but you will be underpowered
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