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Last updated on 15 years ago

This race will be a four race event held at Shinneppaho Falls Raceway, the first three races will be qualifiers, and the fourth will be the main event. This will be every other week, the first three races will be normal friday nights just one class being the DTM race, and on the fourth night it will be all DTM with no other classes that night.
This will work like this, race 1 it is no different than any other Friday night race, the race results will be printed out and posted on the web, for better understanding look at the mock race.
Laps feet
Driver 3 30 1,200
Driver 1 29 1,180
Driver 5 28 1,160
Driver 2 28 1,150
Driver 4 27 1,140
Driver 7 26 1,120
Driver 6 25 1,100

Ok these results get posted and the matrix is now set for the second round of qualifying, again it will run just the same as any other race but the rotation will be how you qualified instead of being random, so drivers 6, 7, and 4 will be up first and the next to rotate in will be driver 2, then driver 5, and so on. Each week the rotation will change on how you qualified, and if this was after the third qualifier the main race it would look like this.

A main
Driver 3
Driver 1

B main
Driver 5
Driver 2

C main
Driver 4
Driver 7
Driver 6

Each main is its own race so the winner of the c main will advance to the b main and fill the third spot, then the winner of the b main will then advance to the a main etc…
So if you qualify in the a main you will race only once the final night, And even if you qualify badly you can still get it together and bump up and win the event. I understand this might be confusing but we did it last year and it was great and almost everyone whom raced is here this year, so for this I say trust me lol.

Cars that placed 1st 2nd or 3rd may not be eligible for the 2008 race no matter who is driving it. If at all possible please own your own car, if in the event that you don’t want to or cannot get your own car you may borrow a car from someone and race, I ask that the car is loaned out in the stock configuration with no tuning done to it and is returned the same way.
Tuning the cars can be tricky, and might be to time consuming for some, if this is the case ask someone to help tune the car, the key word is help. Take a night and go and do it together, please don’t just have it done. My track is open for test and tune for all to use at any time I just need a day or two notice.
Track calls are up to the driver, if he/she calls track it is a one lap penalty. The track call will last one minute and the race will resume, if at that time the driver is not back in he/she must finish the repairs under the green flag, once they have lost a lap under the green flag the penalty lap is waived and they enter the race when they can. If anyone else calls track they will receive the one lap penalty. Only the race director or appointed track marshal can call for a track for an unseen reason.
Some of cars that are eligible for the event are: CLK, BMW, AUDI TT, OPEL ASTRA, OPEL VECTRA,
Thanks Voodoo (Frank)

Second place is just the first place loser.
When does this series start?
See race dates

Thanks Frank
Thanks Voodoo (Frank)

Second place is just the first place loser.
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