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Itasca Motor Speedway

Last updated on 7 months ago
My three lanes routed track is available for free. All you have to do is disassemble it and remove it from my basement. Trakmate, light gantry and computer included.

No. I'll never stop playing with slot cars! I just may be relocating and can't take the track with me.

Some of you should remember the track. Would be nice for it to find a new home.
I can provide some photos.

Ken Isler here sir. I am interested. How small does it breakdown? It's been a long time since I've seen it. I remember a joint or two, but thats about it.
Hi Ken,

It is 2 - 4' x 8' boards set in an "ell". Separated and with legs off, I was able to put it in my basement (35 years ago). One joint and some wiring that crosses the joint will need to be disconnected. Rejoining the two boards will require some repainting and retaping. You should remember that it is a fast and fun short track.

I can't figure out how to put some photos on here. Post your email or send me an email and I'll send a couple pictures.
If anybody else is interested, please speak up. It would be great to have a track, but I won't have a place to put it for some time. Like Ray, I'd just be happy so see it put to use.
I'm contacting a couple people I know that may be interested if we can't find someone from the club. Unfortunately 16' is too long for my basement.
Hi Kurt,

The track is 12 feet long by 8 feet in an ell. Not 16 feet long (if it matters).

As far as timing, my house goes on the market in a week or so. There is no immediate rush.

I’m 75 and, I know you and Ken aren’t youngsters either but, moving it is no longer an option for me. Find a place and a few strong slot heads and itasca Motor Speedway can live on. 👍
sounds a bit more managable, can you please email me some pictures?



Page #2 of GLSCC Gallery. I made prints of these three pics and will bring them to Saturday's race.
Someone should take that track,all of us O.G.s used to run on it and after the race one night we discussed getting a club (GREAT LAKES) outside..I think it was Bob,Neal,Phil,ken,Ray,Ed, John D, Myself.THIS TRACK IS is the beginning of your club..
I have a person who wants the track. I'm told that he is not a member of this club.
It's his and we're working out the details.

Thanks for all the interests and comments.
The person interested in the track backed out. It wasn't exactly what he was looking for. It's still available if anyone is interested. I saw it last night, I'd hate to see it get thrown out.
I thought I'd provide some answers to typical questions...

The track is made from two 4 by 8 particle boards on top of 3/8 inch plywood. It can be separated into the two 4 by 8 sections. They are heavy and have to be taken out of my basement. And if you've seen my basement, you know it would take two or more strong guys. I can help with the disassembly, but the removing is up to the takers.

After reassembly of the two sections, there will be some repainting and re-taping. None of the decorations, power supply or controllers are included. You can have the copper tape I have but, it's not the type of tape with conductivity through the adhesive.

My grandsons are here until July 22, so it is pretty hectic here right now. So, seeing the track or taking it can't happen until after July 22.

Pose any other questions you may have.

If nobody else takes the track, I will find a way to put it somewhere.
Rey has asked about the track. I would like to see the track stay in the club and locally.
Please try to commit to keeping it locally by Sunday July 23. I would be showing the track to Rey.
Unfortunately, Rey told me today that he's no longer interested in the track.

We have an offer on our house, and we would need to close by September 1 in order to secure our new house. So, there is no rush yet, but I would like to have a decision soon.

Please keep me posted. Thanks.
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