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2023 NSR Great Lakes Regional Race

Last updated on 4 months ago


P1 Slot Cars has been asked to host a NSR Regional race. Quick Slicks will be the sponsor of this race and will provide handout tires for each class. NSR will be providing race prizes as well. P1 Slot Cars will be providing lunch.


Date and time: Saturday, February 4th.
Doors open at 8:00
Tech will start at 9:00
Qualifying will start at 10:00
First race will be Vintage LeMans followed by Modern GT.

Practice will be available on Friday, February 3rd. Doors open at noon and practice goes until I kick you guys out. Smile

Entry Fees

Entry fees $10.00 per race.


This race will use the 2022 NSR Nationals Rules (link below). If it is not stated in the rules, it is not legal.

2022 NSR Nationals Rules

Rule Additions
1. Handout tires will be CB34XF for Vintage LeMans and CB58XF for Modern GT.
2. Tire cleaning will be limited to lint rollers only provided at the track.
3. Heats will be 10 minutes.
4. Voltage will be 11.5.

If any rules or times need to be adjusted, I will post them.
I'm thinking of hosting additional practice days for the club. I can do the following:

Saturday the 7th at 5pm
Sunday the 15th at 1pm
Sunday the 29th at noon

Anyone interested?
The Finger
I'm in favor of Sunday the 29th
The Saw
Big Lare and I can be out this Saturday.
Hard to see the future, but the 29th seems good.

Time to build my MCLAREN doorprize GT.
JON : How about some CLUB TEAM setup tips before the practice?
This Sunday the 29th at 11am is a go for practice. There will be an oval race going on at the same time, but there will be enough room for everyone. It'll be a good test for pit space for the Regional race.

There should be about 6-8 out of towners attending the race. So, hopefully there will be at least 10 club members attending also to make the field about 16-18 entries. With 10 minute heats, this will make for a long and fun day of racing.

Can't wait for race day. Grin
Some tips for gearing options:

For gearing for vintage Le Mans, I would go with 12 or 13 and 30 or 31. For modern GT, 25k sidewinders are about the same as vintage. For the anglewinders, I would go with 13 on 21.5k or 12 on 25k with stock 31 spurs. The anglewinders are a handful with the bank sometimes though with non-glued silicones like this race will use. I would say the 25k sidewinder is a good balance between speed and handling.
Thanks to NSR, Mike from Cloverleaf Racing, Professor Motors, and Jon from P1slotcars for a day of great racing, awesome door prizes and good food! Attendance was a little light but still an awesome day of racing. Was great to meet the Michigan guys, they are very professional with racing and good sportsmanship. Congrats to Jon for putting on a whipping on the field at his home track. Hope P1slotcars can host another race next year.
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