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2021 Ford Vs Ferrari Rules

Last updated on 28 days ago
The Saw
Ford vs Ferrari Rules
Ford vs Ferrari was a 4-year event from 1965-68.
During these 4 years, Ford used the GT40 and Ferrari used the 250LM, 275LM and the 330 P3 and P4.
All club rules apply with the exception of the below. Some of the below rules may mimic the club rules.

Legal Cars:
Slot It. Ford GT40 Mk 1 and Mk 2 , and the Policar 330 P3 and 412 P4. amended 9/21(Policar is owned by Slot It.)
These cars come with 23,000 rpm motors amended 6/11/21. All track power at all events will be at 12 volts. We are lowering the track voltage to 12 volts so no one needs to replace the motor with a lesser RPM motor to handle the 13.8 volts.
The 4/4/20 race at Satan’s Turf will be at 13.8 volts. Amended 3/4/20.

Body most be stock as it came out of the box. No lexan interiors. No deleting parts or body panels to make the body lighter.
Must use stock pod to chassis screws and chassis to body screws. No brass screws.
Tires cannot protrude outside of body as viewed from above from center line of wheel.

Minimal sanding of edges of chassis for purposes of body rock allowed.

Maximum of 23,000 rpm amended 6/11/21 or less, is free choice. No ball bearings. Must use stock lead wire that came with car.
Motor may be glued or screwed in place.

Motor Pod:
Must use grey, CH67, 0.5 offset motor pod that came with both cars.
No modifications to motor pod.

Front tires can be trued and coated with finger nail polish. Front tires can be glued to the wheels. Can remove lateral axle slop by shimming.
Rear tires must be the rubber that came with the car or Silicone of free choice. Rear tires can be trued and polished. Rear tires can be glued to the wheels.
The Slot It GT40 comes with metal rear wheels. The Policar comes with plastic rear wheels. In the interest of equality, the Policar will be allowed to use metal rear wheels. Only Permitted Rear Wheel: Slot it W15808215A. Must also have PA46, stock wheel inserts or PCS06B

Either 11T or 12T brass pinion allowed. 32T stock spur gear must be used.

Weight is limited to lead or Tungsten.

May use super glue to eliminate the clearance between the axle and axle bushings.
Can shim rear axle to remove lateral axle slop and for spacing purposes.

Heats will be 5 minutes long. Amended 5/24/20

Any questions or suggestions should be directed to Denny (Disco Denny) or Gary (The Saw).
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