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Last updated on 11 months ago
The Saw
Tires and Wheels
Supertire 1900
Quick Slicks PN150 Edited 6/5/21
Paul Gage Tires rear
Stock Pioneer tires front.
You may true front and rear wheels and tires, and coat front tires

XPG soft OR PGT firm

23103xd standard diameter
22103xd smaller diameter
21103xd shortest diameter

Axles and Bushings
Must use stock bushings.
Glue in the bushings,
Remove front and rear axle slop (up and down and without modifying the chassis),
Stock axle. Suggest gluing stock spur gear to rear axle splines. Splines should be polished down if replacing with NSR gears.

Stock gears may be used or replaced with identical 33z/12z ratio.
NSR makes the required diameter gears.
Part number NSR 6033 & 6912

Flag and Lead Wires
change braid and lead wire.
Replace flag with Slot.it part numbers SICH07 wood track guide or SICH10 universal guide. You’ll need to use a longer body screw with this chassis. Amended 10/8

Stock 18 k Typhoon motor.
May glue in the motor.

May sand minimally to create chassis rock.
May remove/omit DPR chip holder but door must be in place.

Any questions please contact Gary (The Saw) Kurt (Kurt N) or Jon (Jon T).
Have any of the fast kids tried both compound tires yet? Will you share your speed secrets? I don't have a problem buying both, but I'd prefer to glue urethanes on.
Doubt if you need to glue them on, they are not a loose fit.
I bought the Supertires that Kurt recommended when I bought my cars from him. Why can't we use them?
First, always glue your tires, no matter how tight they fit. When cornering, they WILL try to peel off, resulting in chattering when cornering.

Just a thought, but is there any particular reason we cannot not have an open tire rule? or indicate Silicone only? or Urethane only?
What is the best glue or material to use for gluing in your opinion Denny.?
Virtually every series we have ever run has had a spec tire, this one is no different. The person who is kind enough to run the series picks a tire and we use it. We have had many Super Tire series, a couple Quick Slick series, at least one stock rubber tire series, this time it's Paul Gage tires. I know it isn't what we're used to, but it keeps the racing close. At least if you already bought other tires you can use them on something else of change them after the series, I ran out and bought tiger milk and NSR tire oil cause I thought we were going to run stock rubber, now I have like $15 worth of tire treatment that I will probably never use, but I'm not complaining.

As far a gluing is concerned, I use Permatex Flowable Silicone, also known as Windshield and Glass sealant. It's is a nice thin silicone, so you don't get globs of silicone that don't let the tire seat nicely, and when you want to take them off, it isn't a big deal and clean up is generally pretty easy. Put a thin bead in the groove in the tire, slide it on the wheel carefully so you don't apply too much pressure in any one spot, then I roll the car back and forth on a flat surface for a bit to make sure the extra silicone works it's way out. Let it dry overnight and trim off any excess. Urethane tires used to tend to stretch (I don't know if that is the case with Paul's tires), take them off a couple times and they don't want to stay on.
Thanks 😊
I will have some Paul Gage tires for the Legend cars in stock next week. I will be at Coffee & Cars at Meadowdale on 10/3 if anyone needs any.
Both compounds, and which diameters?
Coffee and cars track time runs from 9-noon and some racing will break out?

Ken wrote:

@Ken - Both compounds, and which diameters?

I have both compounds and the three diameters. Limited stock at the moment. $4.50 per pair. I should have them available on https://p1slotcars.com later tonight.

Soft, Shore A 20 10mm width, 3mm wide rib extra deep
XPG-21103XD 21mm
XPG-22103XD 22mm
XPG-23103XD 23mm

Firm, Shore A 40 10mm width, 3mm wide rib extra deep
PGT-21103XD 21mm
PGT-22103XD 22mm
PGT-23103XD 23mm

I will be at coffee and cars Saturday, tires ordered one the P1 website, please bring them with you.

Ken wrote:

@Ken - Jon,

I will be at coffee and cars Saturday, tires ordered one the P1 website, please bring them with you.

Got it! Thank you.

I’ll get there around 9:30 I’m thinking.
The Saw
Rules amended 10/8 to allow longer screw needed for guide flag.
So just like Ken indicated, I'm using a black weatherstrip adhesive I get from an auto parts store.

I coat the entire outer diameter of the wheel with it and then slip the tire on. You want to make sure you get glue on the outer radius of the wheel so the tire does not try to peel off during cornering. After you mount the tire, some glue squeeze out will happen and you must wipe the excess off so there is no external visible trace of any glue. I have the wheel locked on to an axle when i do this. Then I clamp the axle in a vise and spin the tire on the wheel to evenly spread out the glue between the tire and the wheel. After the glue is dried, I true the tire.

I have found, on the rare occasion, when I remove a glued tire from a wheel, I can remove the remaining glue from the wheel with a round wire brush chucked up in my Dremel. But usually, when I glue a tire to a wheel, it is there for life.

Thanks Ken, I didn't know that about urethane tires.
The greatest threat to our future success is believing what we are doing today will be good enough to win tomorrow!!!
Thank you also Denny.
The Saw
Please direct all Legends Series questions to either Kurt Nank or Jon Toussaint.
Quick slicks has introduced a new tire FOR the Legends Kit (PN150F). Since this series may not happen for a month or three from now, we have time to consider changes to the rules for tires....or anything else. I am FOR relaxing the 'SPEC ' nature of tire choice.
Larry Kelley
I've bought and trued the Paul Gage tires. I don't think changing the rules again is a good idea. Plus we still haven't run the Ford vs Ferrari series.
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