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6 Hour Group 5 Enduro

Last updated on 2 years ago
There will be an 6 hour Enduro race with Group 5 cars on August 8th and 9th at Viper's Pit Raceway. We will be using the rules from the "I-75 Orange Barrel" Enduro Group 5 series. 3-4 man teams. For our part we would like to use the same teams as we use for the Meadowdale 12 hour. A team from Madison will be attending and possibly teams from Detroit area and the Cincy area will hopefully be attending.

For those of you who may not know, The I - 75 Orange Barrel series is a 2 weekend event at Butch Dunaway's residence in Miami of Ohio ( close to Cincinnati ) and Clover Leaf Racing, Detroit area. Total laps from each weekend wins the series. My hope is the race at my residence will be part of the Orange Barrel series in the future.

Track power will be set at 12 volts.

Teams must supply their own controllers. Controllers will need to have alligator clips to connect to track.

Hotel information to follow.

As I will be providing morning , lunch and snacks food, donations will be accepted.

As such we will be using the I-75 Orange Barrel rules:

Pod Configuration:
1. Motor pod is free choice but must be plastic and fit the chassis with no modifications of bracing ( refer to Chassis section 1)
2. Anglewinder motor pods are allowed; however, because we are running short-can motors, you will need to use a motor adapter ( e.g. Addedtude ).
3. Flashing may be removed and light sanding is allowed for pod float.

Motor Limit:
1. The only motor allowed will be the Piranaha 21.5K.
2. Motor cannot be opened for modification.
3. Motor may be glued or taped to chassis or motor pod, screws are allowed.

1. Any Commercially available wheel designed for 3/32 or 2.5mm ( Ninco ) axles may be used. Insert style wheels may be used but must have inserts.
2. Wheel size is limited to 15 x 11mm.
3. Wheel/Tire must have GT or LMP appearance ( no plain wheels ).
4. Wheel/tire must not protrude past the body when viewed from above.

Rear Tires:
1. Silicone compound only - free choice.
2. Tire size is limited to 15 x 11.
3. Tires may be glued and trued.
4. Tires must be black.

1. 2WD only.

1. Stock or After market.
2. Hollow axles are allowed.
3. Axles must be 3/32 or 2.5mm ( Ninco ) in diameter.
4. Free choice on axle bushings.
5. Ball bearings are allowed.
6. Axle spacers are allowed.
7. Independent front axle is allowed.

1. No exterior modifications to the body allowed - modifications to the interior of the body cannot be visible from the exterior. All "glass" that comes with a given stock body must be present.
2. No tape is allowed on the exterior of the body or wing.
3. All cars must have numbers in at least three places.
4. Light kits are allowed.
5. Custom paint schemes are allowed.

1. Any Racer Sideways plastic 1/32 chassis is allowed. You are allowed to remove flashing and sand the chassis to allow for body float ( maximum gap of 1/32" between chassis and body ). No other chassis modifications are allowed.
2. Chassis must fit the body without any modifications. You may use a different chassis than was intended for the car. You may also use any updated chassis for a car I.E. Slot.It EVO 6.
3. Front axle screws maybe used and installed to adjust axle ride height.
4. Suspensions are allowed.
6. Wheel/Tire must not protrude past the body when viewed from above.
6. Tape allowed across pod to control float.
7. Bearings may be glued in place.
8. Use of axle blocks and /or styrene bracing for the front axle is legal.
9. Chassis magnets are not allowed.

1. Interior must be used.
2. Lexan cockpits are allowed.

Gear Ratio:
1. All gearing is free choice of brand and ratio.

Front Wheel/Tires:
1. Stock of after market of comparable size.
2. Wheel/Tire must not protrude past the body when viewed from above.
3. Front tires may be coated with Superglue or Nail polish.

Guide Flag:
1. Any brand of 1/32 guide flag may be used, minor modifications are allowed, you may also shim inside the hole to remove guide slop. Guide post may not be modified or strengthened.
2. Pick up braid and motor wire is free choice.
3. Guide flag may not exceed past the front of the chassis.

1. All ballast must be securely fastened ( tape or glue ) to the inside of the car - it may be secured to the chassis and/or body.
2. No weight on bottom of the chassis or outside of the body.

Ground Clearance:
1. Minimum ground clearance of .020.
2. Tape is required on the bottom of chassis to cover screw holes so screws don't come out and damage track.
OK, so the race is about a month away ( August 8th and 9th ). I'd like to get a head count to see where we stand with drivers. So if you can make the race, please opt in with the team you had raced for. We would like to keep the same teams as for the Meadowdale 12 hour. So when you sign in please indicate which team you were on: Rich, Jon or Denny. And if you want to race and were not on one of the teams, that's ok too, as we will place you on a team.

This Saturday, the team from Madison is coming to Viper's Pit to practice, so if anyone else wants to practice the track will be open. Grin
Denny I will be at Road America for the IndyCar race on Saturday. Will be at your race.
No Problem Larry. You know my track well enough to show up on Sunday and kick all our butts.
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