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Legends tires

Last updated on 1 year ago
The Saw
Since we’re all shut in and we have our legends cars available, Randy would like to ask us to test our cars not only on silicones but also on the stock rubber. The cars appear to be very quick in his initial test but are also fragile.

Randall believes that we may be able to reduce speeds effectively by using rubber tires, This would possibly eliminate the need to motor the cars down which may maintain their speed even with the slower motor.

If we can receive some feedback from guys who have begun or getting ready to test their cars, it would be appreciated. Please contact Randy with your results.
Uh Oh,The Legends must not have stood up to RANDALS THROW IT AGAINST THE WALL TEST. Hensforth the use of the term FRA'GILLLY. It is an Eyetalian saying and Randy is a( Northern) Eyetalian.
Norm. If you don't want to swim with fish shut up and try the stock tires. Sand them and treat them. Let me know what you think.
Yes Don Randall, I beg your forgiveness. I will do so, as soon as I get around to buying one.(I have to sell one of my pinky rings to do so).Cool In the meen time I am sure if I needed to race one that you in your infinate graciousness would allow me to wet my Beak and use one of yours.
Of course I will let you tace one of mine. But. YOU will owe me a favor.
Thank you Godfather,I will personally drop off a case of Vino for you.The finest wine in all of EATILY. The Grapes were personally stomped and squished between the master winemaker Gary Knabolini's toes. The wine has an aroma that is undescribable. Shock
What seems to be fragile?
The bumpers, and the fenders and hood on the Chevys
Really? Maybe a motor really is the answer, as much as we'd prefer not to. Have you tried turning the power down to 12 volts?
The problem isn't really the speed. The problem is the cars drive REALLY GOOD. Lower voltage or slower motors does not change the speed they corner with. I've gotten about a 5% slower lap time with stock tires. Not much at all but a slower corner speed. Even with the stock tires these are still faster lap times than Fly classic cars. I don't want to have another 7.00 motor Chevron fall asleep type series. Please try the stock tires. I really think that this might be the best for these cars. I realize plastic tracks might be a little different but we all have to make laps the same.
Are you saying you want the cars to go slower because they are fragile?

Is the reduction in lap time because they are going slower around the corner?

And are they going slower around the corner because the stock rubber tires have less grip?, which forces you to go slower ( less throttle ) around the corners? The less grip on the rear tires the more " skilled " you will need to be with the controller to keep it in the slot.

Less rear tire grip equates to cars coming out of the slot more, especially for the more novice drivers ( read less fun ). I would think that would be the last thing we would want.

The cars already come with an 18,000 motor. Reducing entry speed into the corner will help. And at the expense of stating the elementary obvious, turning down the voltage would accomplish that. Or we can go to a 14,000 blue can motor. But more $$$.
I've done more testing. Not much else to do right now. I have found, in my opinion. The cars are as fasr if not SLIGHTLY quicker lap times on stock rubber tires. They drift nicely in the corner rather than BITE the rear tires like silicone tires do. When the tires bite the cars topple over. I am leaning towards tire choice up to each driver. The cars have a slightly faster straightaway speed on rubber. Not much at all. I don't want to make people buy a motor for these cars and I haven't found them cornering any different with a slower motor or lower voltage, the issue is mid corner and off the silicone tires BITE and the car topples over.
Now, the only mechanical problem I have found is the spur gear is spinning on the axle after about an hour of track time. Reglue last about the same and gear slips again. Both cars I have did the same thing in approximately the same time. So I'm looking at the best/least costly remedy for that.
It looks like these cars are gonna be a blast to race.
Again pick your own preference of the silicone tires For the car or the stock tires. I just don't want a series with cars slower than Ninco classic cars.
I have to agree with Randy.
My little painted plastic Scaley track is not what these will be raced on but they do drift nicely with the stock tires.
My track has short straights and tight curves. The longest straight is just 4 ft so I'm not getting up to the speeds that Randy has tested at. On the 1900 Supertires my Ford Legend will do consistent 3.6 sec laps which is comparable to the Scaley Monte Carlo. Stock tires bring the lap times up about 10% to 4.0 sec. Even with my low speeds I see Randy's point. With the relatively higher center of gravity you may not want the grip of the silicone's. I have just ordered Urethane tires from Paul Gage (He lists them on ebay). I'm interested in how they perform.
Hope that's of interest. Having some fun while staying home.
Stay safe.
Please let me know how they work.
ok, so I put one of my legends together. I tried the rubber that came with the car, didn't like it much, but admittedly, I don't have much experience with rubber tires. Tried the car at 12volts and at 13.8. at either voltage I didn't like the rubber tires much. too much sliding around the corners. sliding around corners will not produce the fastest lap times.

Then I put on a set of quick slicks 43firm. it is as wide as the rubber that comes with the car, but it hangs over the skinny 7.38 mm wheel. I glued and trued them and then cut off the excess on either side of the wheel. so the tire is now as wide as the wheel.

I also added weight to the chassis. on 13.8 volts, I like how the 18,000 runs down the straight, but although the silicone gets better grip, with the controllers we use, its like a hair trigger, and if you are a bit too quick on the trigger exiting the corner, it can tip over, buy usually slides first.

at 12 volts, you lose some of the fun down the straights, but it was more controllable around the corners. probably because it was a bit slower around the corners. did not tip over one time.

the car is a bit too top heavy. I had the interior in the car, but not the other stuff like plastic engine, roll cage, front grill, windshield grill, etc. I didn't want to put that stuff on because I want to paint the body.

Cant wait for the Ford vs Ferrari series.
Chuck suggested Paul Gauge tires. He sent me a pair to test. I will say I'm quite impressed with them. They are not quite PPR or Quick slicks but I think are perfect for the Legend cars. They are so easy to true I put them on untrued wheels with no glue on the rims and they were perfect in less than 2 minutes sanding them on the car. They cost about 1/2 the price of PPR tires and don't take hours to prepare. And they look very much like the stock tires. So I think I am going to say these are the tires we should use for the series.
Um, firm or soft Paul Gage tires? Do we care? Is there anyway tell the difference? I wouldn't order yours yet, everyplace I look tells me a different part number. Some guys say the soft tires are the shit, some guys say they are shit. There are 2 compounds and three sizes available.
The Paul Gage tires that I purchased and the set that I sent to Randy for testing are PGT-23103XD a soft compound tire as listed on ebay as eBay item number:164021096834. These have a 23 mm diameter.

I have also purchased a set of PGT-22103XD tires that I am waiting for delivery. These are a soft compound also but as I understand it have a slightly smaller diameter. (22 mm)

If my measurements are correct the stock tires appear to have a 21 mm diameter.
The 1900 Super Tires I tried also have a 21 mm diameter.
Hope that helps.
As I understand it, the tires that start with PGT are the firm compound, and the ones that start with XPG are the soft compound.
I will reach out to Paul Gage to clarify....
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