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Tuning Checklist

Some tuning suggestions to share. Additional suggestions would be appreciated. Tuning Steps 1. True and glue wheels and tires. 2. True and coat front tires with clear nail hardener and retrue. 3. Flatten chassis. 4. Open up chassis screw holes w/rat tail file. 5. Sand, file, grind, clip, body and chassis to provide body rock. 6. Coat bottom of body when it sits on chassis with plasti dip or liquid duct tape to quiet body. 7. Sand body post and chassis cups to facilitate rock. 8. Install felt washers between body and chassis post. 9. Glue in bushings. 10. Remove slop between axle and bushings with cyano, back and front. 11. Break in motor. 12. Secure motor to chassis. 13. Set front axle height. 14. Remove axle side play with shims. 15. Insure front and rear tires are out as far as possible without interfering with body. 16. Mesh and polish gears with tooth polish or lapping compound. 17. Simplify lead wire assembly and replace/modify if necessary. 18. Replace lead wire eyelettes with grub screws. 19. Replace guide with Scaleauto if legal. 20. Replace braid with NSR soft copper braid. 21. Set flag depth and remove slop. 22. Add tungsten/lead weight.

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