Posted by The Saw on 02/19/2019
Race will be run 4/6/19 @ CRR
Both classes will be run simultaneously.
You may race either Scaley LMP or GT car or race in both classes.
All cars must meet with box stock with the exception of allowing mandatory lighting requirement for headlights and 1-2 tail lights. If the car has 2 light configuration they must both function.
Race will be approximately three hours long.

Box Stock
use silicone rear tires
true front and rear wheels and tires
add lead
remove front axle slop(up and down and side to side without modifying the chassis)
remove rear axle slop (side to side)(up and down)
change lead wire and braid to mandatory copper.
coat the front tires
glue in the motor
glue in the bushings
create chassis rock
you may tape or glue the motor pod to fix or limit travel

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Gary (The Saw).